Halogen Oven Accessories

Extension Ring

An important  halogen oven accessory is the extension ring. This is a wide, lightweight, metal ring that fits onto the edge of the glass bowl, when the heating arm is in the ‘up position. The extension ring is great because it literally doubles the capacity of the halogen oven.

So if you were unsure  as to whether that large joint of lamb, pork shoulder or family sized polutry, is going to fit inside your halogen oven, be rest assured that it will. Adding the extension ring provides  more than enough room for whatever portion size you wish to cook.

Drip/Frying Tray

The drip tray is a flat lightweight metal tray that has ridges in it, and exactly covers  the bottom of the glass bowl. The tray is another halogen oven accessorythat  you must have. It can be used as a drip tray to catch all the succulent meat juices from your roasts, and helps to keep the glass bowl free from grease and fat congealing at the bottom. Wish means less washing up in my book.

The metal tray can also be used like a frying pan. Place it on the low metal rack and brush it with oil. Pre-heat the tray for a couple of minutes and then crack an egg on the tray and watch it fry beautifully, within seconds. Susages, bacon, fish fingers all can be down to prefection using with very little oil. See how this halogen oven accessory helps you to cook more healthily too.

Steam Tray

This is a flat lightweight metal tray very similar to the drip tray, the only difference is that it is perforated (full of holes). The steam tray is a sneakily clever piece of the halogen oven accessories kit. For light steaming  add enough water to just to cover the bottom of the glass bowl, then lay the steam tray over the water. Pre-heat the oven so that the water starts to form steam, then place your vegetables onto the steam tray.

If more steam is required half fill a  saucepan with water and place the steam tray over the pan, like a lid. Pre-heat the oven until the water is steaming nicely then place your fish wrapped in tin foil or tough root vegetables to cook. Top up the water in the saucepan when necessary.

Metal Tongs

This accessory is essential if you are cooking several different things and cannot afford to wait for the food to be cool to touch before removing it from the oven. The small metals tongs are designed in such a way that they are very easy to use, and are very effective at firmly  grasping cooked pieces of hot food.

Halogen Oven Lid Stand

Some halogen ovens come with a heating arm that lifts up and down and can be adjusted to fit the glass bowl both with and without the extension ring. The halogen oven lamp and controls  are incorporated into the heating arm.

But some ovens come with a simpler heating system, where the lamp and controls are built into a glass lid that you simply lift off or place onto the glass bowl.  However when you have to lift the control handle up to cut the power supply to turn you roast meat or potatoes over, where do you put the lid without burnig yourself or seriously scorching your work surface?

This lid stand is an excellent soultion to this dilemma.  I have not seen this particular item as part of the standard halogen oven accessories kit, but it is now available for purchase as a very useful add-on if your halogen oven comes with a free standing heating system.

Low Metal Rack

This halogen oven accessory is something that you will probably use every time you use your halogen oven. It raises the food or pan away from the bottom of the glass bow,l and positions the food for optimum cooking when the heating arm is down, (without using the extension ring).

Raised Metal Rack

This metal rack allows the heat to circulate underneath the food as well as over it.  When baking cakes or biscuits I find that using this rack together with the extension ring ensures that your treats are cooked right through and baked to perfection.


Somehalogen oven accessories kits come with even more items namely; a replacement halogen bulb and or a free haogen oven recipe book.  The replacement bulb is handy but I  had my halogen ovens for almost a year before I needed to change a bulb. It is always so handy to have a spare.

A halogen oven recipe book is looks like any other recipe book and you may be thinking what is the point of having yet another recipe book. The halogen oven recipe book is essential if you want to get the most out of your halogen oven. The quantities and cooking times for a halogen oven are very different from those given when using a conventional oven.  If you can get a free recipe book with as part of your halogen oven accessories kit, you know you are getting great value for money.

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